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The 2014 World Cup is heading to Brazil. In less than a year, the greatest football spectacle of them all will be heading to the country that introduced the notion of the beautiful game. For the first time in 64 years, football’s biggest event will grace Brazil’s shores and a feast of football is sure to be served up in front of passionate crowds.  True, there is the small matter of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 to contend with first, but football fans across Brazil and indeed the world are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Who will be there? Who will be defending champions? These are questions we have no answers to. Yet. Follow the route to the Brazil World Cup in 2014 with us as we will keep you up to date with all the ups and downs right up until the trophy is lifted at the end of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

World Cup Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Did you know that the biggest attendence in World Cup history was 200,000 people? The match was held atthe Maracana Stadium in Brazil for the 1950 World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay.

World Cup Fact: The fastest goal ever scored in World Cup finals was by Hakan Suker of Turkey against South Korea in 2002. He scored after just 11 seconds.

A Brazilian Timeline.

Thinking forward to the Brazil 2014 World cup it is hard to think of a time when there was no FIFA World Cup.  The tournament which graces us with its presence every 4 years is probably only second on a global stage to the Olympic Games due to the number of nations who attend each four year celebration of sporting excellence.  Yet before 1930 (when Brazil lost 2-1 to Yugoslavia), there was no world cup.  There was no competition to determine the best international side in the world.

Thanks, however, to FIFA President Jules Rimet international football would be changed forever. It was proposed that the first world cup would take place in Uruguay as a result of them being Olympic champions.  It was the only World Cup where qualifying wouldn’t take place and invitations were sent out to all major footballing nations.  The response to the idea of a global tournament was not a warm one.  A number of nations decided against entering the tournament, England most notably, citing a number of reasons for their non attendance.  So, despite the low attendance, only 13 teams contested, when the tournament kicked off, Jules Rimet was able to realize his dream to determine who would become the first ever world champions.

Ultimately, it was the host nation who triumphed and went on to raise the Jules Rimet trophy, but from such inauspicious and humble beginnings the World Cup has gone from strength to strength and is now contested by thirty two international teams in attendance from all corners of the globe.  It is an event watched by billions and something that every football fan positively salivates over and dreams of watching their side stand alone as the Champions of the World.  This timeline follows the history and successes of one of the sides who has competed in every single World Cup since its inception, Brazil.

Since the format began, Brazil have been the major success story of the tournament with a record five victories, enthralling and entertaining sides with their brand of fantasy football.  Their sides have fielded some of the greatest names in footballing history, produced arguably the greatest team of all time in Mexico 1970 and given football fans one of the two finest players ever to grace the football stage.  They are a major reason behind the competition’s massive popularity and will, no doubt, lavish us with a wonderful tournament in six years time.  That is the in future, so let us look at the past and go back in time to Uruguay in 1930 and see how it all began for the boys from Brazil.

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